Data Training and Data Driven Culture

”Companies that want to empower their employees to become data literate will need to not only provide data training but also instill a data driven culture from top to bottom in their organizations.”

In this interesting article by Bernard Marr, he discusses the need for data skills training within companies. Less than 50% of workers are being provided with the data skills that their employers expect. To help the employees become data literate, employees need to be able to understand the stories that data tell. This does not mean that an employee had to fully understand the technical skills to make sense of data, an understanding of how data can help to make meaningful decisions is enough. This leads to higher productivity and better experiences.

It can be very difficult to find a training program able to help your employees understand data storytelling. Zight Academy can help you boost the data-drive of your team and extract more value from your data. The training is effective and involves your entire team, so the outcome of the training is well implemented within your organization and you are sure to keep using your data literacy.

Read the article here: The Importance of Data Literacy and Storytelling

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