A note with new year's resolutions that says become data driven.

Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day

Today, the 17th of january, is known as Ditch New Year’s Resolutions day. Did you know that only 10% of people are successful at keeping their resolutions? In fact, one in three people fail their New Year’s Resolutions in the first month! The biggest reason people give up on their resolutions are a lack of commitment, time and support. Once you give up on resolutions, it is even harder to pick them back up again.

Did you plan to become data-driven in 2023? Have you not made any improvements yet but you still want to? Now is the time to stay motivated and pull through! You need to make sure to keep up your motivation to join the 10% and avoid to ditch your new year’s resolutions. To do so you could choose Zight Academy! Our training and transition program is meant to help you optimize the performance of your team with your available data. The program provides support during your commitment to a data-driven habit! To find more information about the training, use this link: Zight Academy Training

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