The results of a poll about the amount of data-driven decisions in a day.

How Many Data-Driven Decisions Today?

To be data-driven is to make decisions based on data analysis and interpretation. Data-driven decisions makers use facts, metrics and data to guide them to business decisions that align with their goals. Data-driven decision-making might seem like a couple of fun buzzwords or a hype, something that looks nice but is not that useful. To test this, we sent out a poll to our followers, asking them to assess how many data-driven decisions they made that they and how they felt about it. The results of our poll clearly show that decision-makers feel like being data-driven has paid off!

Data can be useful for all kinds of decisions. For example, do you check the weather before you walk out of the door? If you do, you are using data to decide whether to take an umbrella or not! Do you feel like you could use some help to become data-driven? Not to worry, 30% of our respondents felt the same and Zight Academy can help! This flexible training & transition program will help to add data-driven decision-making to your daily practice. Our mission is to help you optimize the performance of your team with your available data.

You can find our poll and the comments here: Poll

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