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How do you know if your training is successful? Ask the people who have participated! Last week we visited Provincie Noord Brabant to have interviews with past participants and gather their insights into the training and transition program. The participants shared their insights about how they have experienced the training, if they would recommend it to others and most importantly, if they are still using the knowledge they gathered during the training! Thank you for your useful insights!

A quote that we were proud of? ”The five modules in this program form a perfect approach that you can immediately apply to implement data-driven decision-making.” This is exactly what makes our training special!  Our approach is effective and involves your entire team. You do not have to have finished the training before you start seeing results! This helps to implement the outcome of the training throughout your organization, which ensures that you are able to keep using your knowledge.

Want to know more about the training? Or are you curious so see the interviews? You can find them at: Zight Academy

Do you want to know how people reacted? Check out our LinkedIn post with this link: Interviews with participants Provincie Noord Brabant

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