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Treating Data like a Team Member

During this Tedtalk, Nadjia Yousif explains why you should treat the technology you work with as a team member. If we change the word technology to data, she asks us: What if we treated data like a team member? When a company hires a new employee for a multimillion-dollar contract, would we cast her aside without using any of her skills? The answer is that we would not. Although this may be true, why does it happen to data? Why do we let data sit alone, getting paid to do nothing? According to Yousif, the people who are supposed to use the data are holding back. They do not see the value of data or are afraid to learn about it. Furthermore, the people who should use the data do not have the chance to get to know their new ‘colleague’ well enough.

Need some help unlocking the value of your data? Are you or your employees having a hard time to get to know your ‘colleague’? Zight Academy might be the way to get to know them! During this training & transition program, you learn more about data-driven decision making.

To listen to Nadjia Yousifs talk, use this link: Why you should treat the tech you use at work like a colleague

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